3 December 2020

CD antibodies from AAT Bioquest

Purified CD antibodies and fluorescent labeled conjugates

AAT Bioquest has expanded their catalog of Cluster of Differentiation (CD) cell surface molecules, a constantly-growing focus in the continued advancement of immune research. Because these molecules are expressed at varying degrees and cell types, multiparameter flow cytometric analysis utilizing two or more combinations of fluorescently labeled CD antibodies enables clear resolution of particular cell type or subtype.

They have a extensive catalog of CD antibodies including CD3, CD8, CD19 and CD40 antibodies. These CD antibodies are purified by affinity chromatography and conjugated to a variety of fluorophores under optimal conditions that minimize unconjugated fluorophore and antibody. Available fluorophores include:

  • iFluor™ dyes – bright, photostable dyes with optimized flow cytometry (FACS), fluorescence imaging and in vivo imaging applications.
  • mFluor™ dyes – bright, photostable dyes with optimized for flow cytometry (FACS) applications.
  • Alexa Fluor® dyes – suitable for flow cytometry (FACS) and fluorescence imaging applications.
  • Classic dyes – suitable for flow cytometry (FACS) and fluorescence imaging applications.
  • Phycobiliproteins and Tandem dyes – intensely bright dyes for flow cytometry (FACS) and multiparametric analysis.

Popular CD antibodies

Overview of monoclonal anti-human CD antibodies.

Anti-human CD3 Antibody HIT3b
Anti-human CD3 Antibody SK7
Anti-human CD3 Antibody HIT3a
Anti-human CD3 Antibody UCHT1
Anti-human CD3 Antibody OKT-3
Anti-human CD4 Antibody RPA-T4
Anti-human CD4 Antibody SK3
Anti-human CD4 Antibody OKT-4
Anti-human CD4 Antibody HIT4a
Anti-human CD8 Antibody HIT8a
Anti-human CD8 Antibody SK1
Anti-human CD8 Antibody OKT-8
Anti-human CD14 Antibody 61D3
Anti-human CD14 Antibody HI221
Anti-human CD19 Antibody HI19a
Anti-human CD19 Antibody HIB19
Anti-human CD19 Antibody SJ25C1
Anti-human CD34 Antibody 4H11
Anti-human CD40 Antibody HI40a
Anti-human CD45 Antibody HI30
Anti-human CD45 Antibody HI185
Anti-human CD45 Antibody 2D1
Anti-human CD45 Antibody HI73
Anti-human CD45 Antibody UCHL1
Anti-human CD45 Antibody HI100
Use our search engine to find more CD antibodies. Search your target and fine-tune with the filters. You can filter on many features such as: species, conjugation, clonality, clone, brand and more. If you still can’t find your antibody, request it here and we will locate it for you.

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