23 August 2022

INDIGO’s cell-based reporter assays

These assays are all-inclusive assay systems that feature engineered receptor-specific reporter cells prepared using INDIGO’s unique CryoMite™ process.

INDIGO’s receptor-specific reporter assays are cell-based transactivation assays, allowing researchers to quantify any functional activity, either agonist or antagonist, that their test samples may exert against the receptor. INDIGO reporter kits utilize firefly luciferase reporter gene technology, which provide increased sensitivity and precision due to a low signal-to-noise ratio. The luciferase light response is measured, which correlates to the activation status of the specific receptor (either activation or inhibition). Quantifying changes in luciferase expression provides a sensitive surrogate measure of the changes in receptor activity. Quantified by a luminometer and reported in terms of Relative Light Units (RLUs), the significance or strength of the interaction is expressed by the level of light emitted.

Fast, reproducible, easy-to-analyze results are only four steps away

Four steps INDIGO assays

INDIGO’s assays can be utilized for high throughput screening against one target, to understand your compounds’ potency and develop EC50/IC50 values, and to profile compounds against a panel of receptors to evaluate for selectivity.

Ready to use when you’re ready to test

INDIGO’s cell-based reporter assays are all-inclusive, with receptor-specific reporter cells, an assay plate, and all required reagents for the assay to be performed as soon as it arrives. Reporter Cells are also prepared using INDIGO’s proprietary CryoMite™ process, This process allows for immediate use with cells typically presenting greater than 95% cell viability post thaw. This eliminates the need for spin-and-rinse steps, viability determinations, or cell titer adjustments.

Why labs choose & trust INDIGO

  • Largest portfolio of nuclear receptor assays
  • Clear, reproducible nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology results
  • Reliable science, platforms & people
  • Team committed to your study’s success
  • Fast lab results for accelerated decision-making

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