30 December 2019

InVivoPlus™ antibodies

All InVivo grade antibodies feature greater than 95% purity, ultra-low endotoxin levels, and are preservative, stabilizer, and carrier protein-free.

The Bio X Cell InVivoPlus™ line of antibodies are of a grade and quality that will meet or exceed the strict demands and standards of many in vivo and in vitro experiments. They are extra low in endotoxin (≤0.001 EU/µg), contain ≤ 5% protein aggregates and have been validated by Flow or ELISA. The InVivoPlus™ antibodies are also free of murine pathogens, azide and carrier proteins, and are highly pure. The InVivoPlus™ line of antibodies are perfectly suited for highly sensitive assays and in vivo studies with live cells or whole animals on a variety of functional assays.

Selection of InVivoPlus™ antibodies

InVivoPlus anti-mouse CD25 (IL-2Ralpha) (BP0012)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse CD40 (BP0016-2)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse CD8alpha (BP0061)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse CTLA-4 (CD152) (BP0131)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse IFNAR-1 (BP0241)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse IFNgamma (BP0055)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse IL-10R (CD210) (BP0050)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse IL-4 (BP0045)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse LAG-3 (BP0174)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse Ly6G (BP0075-1)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse PD-1 (CD279) (BP0146)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse TIM-3 (CD366) (BP0115)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse VEGFR-2 (BP0060)
InVivoPlus anti-mouse/human/rat/monkey/hamster/canine/bovine TGF-beta (BP0057)
InVivoPlus mouse IgG1 isotype control (BP0083)
InVivoPlus mouse IgG2b isotype control (BP0086)
InVivoPlus polyclonal Syrian hamster IgG (BP0087)
InVivoPlus rat IgG1 isotype control (BP0290)
InVivoPlus rat IgG2a isotype control (BP0089)
InVivoPlus recombinant CTLA-4-Ig (hum./hum.) (BP0099)
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What is the difference between InVivoMab and InVivoPlus?

Bio X Cell offers InVivoPlus™ versions of the most popular InVivoMAb™ products. The InVivoPlus™ versions are structurally and functionally identical to the InVivoMAb™ versions. However, the difference lies in a superior level of quality that will meet or exceed the strict demands and rigorous standards required for in vivo work at any research organization.

Binding Validation*
Determined by immunoblot, flow cytometry, or ELISA
Murine Pathogen Screening
Determined by ultrasensitive real-time PCR
Antibody Aggregation Screening
Determined by Dynamic Light Scattering
Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
Determined by SDS-PAGE
Preservative, stabilizer and carrier protein freeYesYes
Formulated for in vivo useYesYes
Catalog number formatBegins with BEBegins with BP
*Binding validation is performed for each lot for all applicable InVivoPlus™ products. Non-applicable InVivoPlus™ products include antibodies for which an antigen is not commercially available and non-reactive isotype control antibodies. † Murine pathogen screening includes: Mycoplasma including M. pulmonis, M. arginini, M. fermentans, M. hominis, M. hyorhinis, M. orale, M. pirum, M. salivarium, M. agassizii, M. cynos and others.

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