20 June 2024

PromoCell’s Cancer Cell Culture portfolio

The Cancer Cell Culture toolbox consists of three functional media that can be used individually, or in all possible combinations – just pick what suits your workflow.

Each of the following three media in our toobox supports the maintenance of cancer stem cells; other cell types can be kept in culture too, depending on the choice of medium

Explore the multitude of possibilities you can apply these functional media to

3D cancer model
An easy way to establish a 3D cancer model from cell line or biopsy. Use the media toolbox to establish assay panels for drug discovery and to develop complex 3D models.

Cancer stem cell selection
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are the tumor initiator and driver. Our toolbox conventiently selects CSCs and establishes healthy and defined patient-derived cancer cell lines

From biopsy to assay
Are you working with patient-derived cancer cultures? Find out, how our toolbox helps you in setting up such cancer models and build advanced assays from your biopsy.

Making best use of your PDX mouse
The PDX mouse is the working model for cancer therapies. The toolbox helps leveraging your PDX mouse project for better decision making and translation into clinic.

Extracellular vesicles in cancer
You are investigating EVs in cancer biology or using them in diagnostics or drug delivery? Our toolbox gives you an edge. Check out our EV-depleted and GMP-compliant media.

CAR-T and TCR cell therapies have seen the light of modern cancer treatment. Not only the T cell but also the proper cancer target cell, decide over the success in the clinic.

Tumor microenvironment
The TME has a significant impact on drug response in cancer therapies. With our toolbox you can set up a complex organoid model combining cancer and non-cancers cells.

CSC therapy
To effectively treat cancer, you need to target cancer stem cells (CSCs). Check out how our toolbox enables pure CSC isolation and expansion for advanced CSC therapy development.

Do you want to know how the media work? Cancer stem cells share properties irrespectively of their origin such as self-renewal capability or anoikis resistance.

If you need assistance finding the right media from our toolbox for your cancer application, just reach out – we look forward to supporting you and answering your questions!

PromoCell’s Cancer Cell Culture portfolio

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