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The source for high quality immunology research reagents

Ancell Corporation manufactures and supplies monoclonal antibodies, recombinant fusion proteins, isotype controls and second step reagents for immunology research. The high performance characteristics and quality make Ancell‘s antibodies and proteins widely recognized reagents. Their products are therefore used and cited in many scientific publications.

Ancell’s extensive panel of human CD antibodies is produced by its experienced in-house development team. Most of the antibodies are variously labelled to perform in multiple applications, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. In addition, they also offers a broad range of labelled and unlabelled biologically active recombinant fusion proteins (FC) that are complementary to their CD marker antibody panel.

Ancell is a part of AdipoGen Life Sciences, who also cooperates with a number of other manufacturers such as: BioViotica, Chemodex, Chimerigen Laboratories, Innaxon, JaICA and South Bay Bio.

Bio-Connect Life Sciences supplies all their products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines from Ancell Corporation

  • Immunology research products

Selected high quality products

anti-CD105 (human), mAb (SN6) (ANC-326)
anti-CD16 (human), mAb (3G8) (ANC-165)
anti-CD25 (human), mAb (7G7B6) (ANC-174)
anti-CD252 [OX40L] (human), mAb (ANC10G1) (ANC-400)
anti-CD28 (human), mAb (ANC28.1/5D10) (ANC-177)
anti-CD32 (human), mAb (7.3) (ANC-181)
anti-CD64 (human), mAb (10.1) (ANC-216)
anti-CD81 (human), mAb ( (ANC-302)
anti-TCR Cβ1 (human), mAb (Jovi-1) (ANC-101)
CD40 (human)-muIg Fusion Protein (ANC-504)
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