South Bay Bio

Platform technology company specialized in bioassays, enzymes and advanced TR-FRET technology.

South Bay Bio, LLC, formed in 2016, provides expertise in the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) and other innovative research areas, like UPS related assay development, HTS, protein purification, bioconjugation and custom biochemistry services.

South Bay Bio is a part of AdipoGen Life Sciences, who also cooperates with a number of other manufacturers such as: AbFrontier, Ancell CorporationBioActs, BioViotica, Chemodex, Chimerigen Laboratories, Innaxon, JaICA, and SYNkinase.

Major product lines

  • Proteasome
  • UB conjugation
  • UB deconjugation
  • C-terminal derivatives
Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
SBB-KP0038-KI0120S Constitutive Proteasome Assay Kit1 kit
SBB-KP0037-KI0120S Immunoproteasome Assay Kit1 kit
SBB-KF0035-KI01ITCH E3 Ligase TR-FRET Kit1 kit
SBB-KF0030-KI01Mdm2 E3 Ligase TR-FRET Kit1 kit
SBB-KF0056-KI01Nedd4 E3 Ligase TR-FRET Kit1 kit
SBB-KF0036-KI01Parkin E3 Ligase TR-FRET Kit1 kit
SBB-KF0057-KI01XIAP E3 Ligase TR-FRET Kit1 kit
SBB-PP0004-C02520S Immunoproteasome (human) (untagged)25 ug
SBB-PP0005-C05020S Proteasome (human) (untagged)50 ug
SBB-PS0009-M002Ac-Ala-Asn-Trp-AMC [Ac-ANW-AMC]2 mg
SBB-PS0007-M002Ac-Pro-Ala-Leu-AMC [Ac-PAL-AMC] [1431362-79-6]2 mg
SBB-PS0008-M002Ac-Trp-Leu-Ala-AMC [Ac-WLA-AMC] [1104011-59-7]2 mg
SBB-PS0002-C050ISG15 (human) (rec.) (Rhodamine 110)50 ug
SBB-PS0003-C050NEDD8 (human) (rec.) (Rhodamine 110)50 ug
SBB-DE0025-C050NEDP1 [SENP8] (human) (rec.) (His)50 ug
SBB-US0012-C020p53 (polyubiquitinated) (human) (rec.) (His)20 ug
SBB-DE0024-C050PLpro (SARS Coronavirus) (rec.) (His)50 ug
SBB-DE0026-C050SENP1 (catalytic domain) (human) (rec.) (His)50 ug
SBB-PS0010-M002Suc-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-AMC [Suc-LLVY-AMC] [94367-21-2]2 mg
SBB-PS0028-C050SUMO1 (human) (rec.) (Rhodamine 110)50 ug
SBB-PS0029-C050SUMO2 (human) (rec.) (Rhodamine 110)50 ug
SBB-TR0051-2K-1TRF-Ubiquitin Mix (100X) (2000 reactions)1 vial
SBB-CE0021-C100UBE2D1 [UbcH5a] (human) (rec.) (untagged)100 ug
SBB-CE0027-C100UBE2D2 [UbcH5b] (human) (rec.) (untagged)100 ug
SBB-CE0019-C100UBE2D3 [UbcH5c ] (human) (rec.) (untagged)100 ug
SBB-CE0022-C100UBE2K [UbcH1, E2-25K] (human) (rec.) (His)100 ug
SBB-CE0020-C100UBE2L3 [UbcH7] (human) (rec.) (untagged)100 ug
SBB-TR0016-C050Ubiquitin (human) (rec.) (6-FAM)50 ug
SBB-TR0015-C050Ubiquitin (human) (rec.) (Cy5)50 ug
SBB-TR0014-C020Ubiquitin (human) (rec.) (Europium-Cryptate)20 ug
SBB-PS0001-C050Ubiquitin (human) (rec.) (Rhodamine 110)50 ug
SBB-UP0013-M010Ubiquitin (human) (rec.) (untagged)10 mg
SBB-CE0058-C050Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme E1 [UBA1, UBE1] (human) (rec.) (His)50 ug
SBB-CE0011-C050Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme E1 [UBA1] (human) (rec.) (untagged)50 ug
SBB-PS0031-C050Ubiquitin aldehyde (human) (rec.)50 ug
SBB-PS0033-C050Ubiquitin vinyl methyl ester (human) (rec.)50 ug
SBB-PS0032-C050Ubiquitin vinyl sulfone (human) (rec.)50 ug
SBB-PS0034-C050Ubiquitin-propargylamide (human) (rec.)50 ug
SBB-DE0023-C050UcH-L3 (human) (rec.) (untagged)50 ug
SBB-PS0006-M002Z-Leu-Leu-Glu-AMC [Z-LLE-AMC] [348086-66-8]2 mg

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