Need for Primary Cell Culture Media?

Does your current supplier has delivery problems, will you start a new project with primary cells or just simply want to use high quality media? Use PromoCell's media for primary cells or stem and blood cells!

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The Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot®

The Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® is an automated blot processor for incubating and washing blots and gels, after the transfer from gel to blot. It automatically processes Westerns, Northerns, and Southerns for very consistent conditions. Ideal for unattended staining of gels.

Throw out your timers! Don’t babysit your blots again!

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Protein extracts, lysates and tissue arrays

The availability of tissues to study proteins can be limited. We have the solution! We can provide you with total or membrane protein extracts / lysates from different tissues and species and with an extensive and unique collection of frozen tissue sections, paraffin tissue sections, and tissue arrays for human normal, diseased, and tumor tissue types.

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