Western Blotting - Immunofluorescence - Immunohistochemistry

Free Protocol Guides

Optimize your antibody experiments with Proteintech. The new collection of technical literature from Proteintech aims to give you a complete guide on how to perform each protocol that produces optimal results. Request your guide here.

NxtGen Cancer Stem Cell Medium

PromoCell introduces the next generation Cancer Stem Cell Medium. This medium has been designed to meet your requirements for the extended serial 3D tumorsphere culture. The Cancer Stem Cell Medium supports the tumorsphere/mammosphere culture of the most commonly used cancer cell lines.

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Proteintech Sandwich ELISA Kits

Proteintech's new and expanding range of ELISA kits have specifically been developed for the performance of sandwich ELISA experiments. As such they are ideal for the quantification of endogenous protein levels in a variety of non-purified, biological samples such as whole-cell lysate and human plasma or serum.

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