Stelvio for Life

September 2nd 2017 the foundation Stelvio for Life organizes for the 6th time the climbing of one of the highest paved, most beautiful and most challenging mountains in Europe, the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy.

If you also want to support our participants, please make a donation to the Bio-Connect team.

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Post-Translational Modification-specific Antibodies

Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs) are highly dynamic and often reversible processes where protein functional properties are altered by addition of a chemical group or another protein to its amino acid residues. Most of these PTMs preferentially take place on tubulin subunits already incorporated into microtubules. It has been shown that microtubule PTMs deregulation have impact on neuronal development and diseases.

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Bio X Cell bulk antibodies for in vivo research

With over 300 monoclonal antibodies covering a diverse range of research areas Bio X Cell is your source for purified bulk antibodies. Their reagent portfolio is specialized towards antibodies which are widely used for in vivo and in vitro antigen neutralization and pathway blockade as well as cell specific depletion. All Bio X Cell products are significantly discounted for customers from academia.

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