Stelvio for Life

September 2nd 2017 the foundation Stelvio for Life organizes for the 6th time the climbing of one of the highest paved, most beautiful and most challenging mountains in Europe, the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy.

If you also want to support our participants, please make a donation to the Bio-Connect team.

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Introducing the LOABeads™ system!

A magnetic separation platform for proteins and antibodies based on magnetic agarose beads. Use it for immunoprecipitations, purification of monoclonal antibodies from cell culture, or your custom affinity purification. The LOABeads™ system is scalable from micro to ½ liter scale. The beads separate within seconds, resuspend even faster, and are clearly visible.

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Immunometabolism & Inflammation research

AdipoGen Life Sciences develops and manufactures new products in the areas of cancer, immunology, (neuro)inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cell biology and neurodegeneration. Major product lines are ELISA kits, (recombinant) antibodies, proteins, natural products and small molecules. AdipoGen is the expert in Inflammasome Signaling.

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