The 3 Rs: Reduction, Refinement and Replacement

Across the world, different initiatives are set up to reduce the amount of animals used in research. One of the steps is reducing the use of animals in production of research reagents. For example, monoclonal antibodies, in contrast to polyclonal antibodies, only use animals in the initial production step and can thereafter be produced without animals. Bio-Connect offers monoclonal antibodies for in vivo research from Bio X Cell, which originate from a totally animal-free facility and are therefore free from infectious diseases.

The next step is to produce research reagents without the use of animals entirely. Bio-Connect offers a wide selection of these products, such as AdipoGen’s recombinant monoclonal antibodies developed from a human antibody phage display library and produced in mammalian cells (CHO or HEK 293). We also offer PromoKine cytokines and growth factors produced by molecular farming using barley grain or tobacco plants as production host.