Conjugated, Alpaca and Mass-spec validated antibodies

Conjugated monoclonal antibodies

Santa Cruz Biotechnology has expanded its monoclonal antibody product line to over 8,300 primary monoclonal antibodies conjugated to: AC, HRP, FITC, PE, Alexa Fluor® 488, Alexa Fluor® 647, Alexa Fluor® 546, Alexa Fluor® 549, Alexa Fluor® 680 and Alexa Fluor® 790.

Conjugated monoclonal antibodies for direct Western blot or staining eliminates need for secondary antibodies.

Direct Western Blot: HSP 70/HSC 70 (W27) HRP
Direct IF Staining Lamin A/C (636) PE
Direct IF Staining Thrombin R (ATAP2) AF488

Direct near-infrared western blot analysis: HSP 90α/β (F-8) Alexa Fluor® 680 and β-Actin (C4) Alexa Fluor® 790
SC-13119AF680 & SC-13119AF790
Direct IHC Staining β Tubulin (D-10) HRP
Direct Western Blot: PCNA (PC10) HRP


Jackson immunoResearch has added a new group of secondary antibodies to complement their range; Alpaca secondary antibodies.

This presents a new species option when goat or donkey secondaries may not be preferable, for example in a multiple labeling assay which may have unwanted cross reactions.

Secondaries raised in Alpaca, creating new possibilities in multiple labelling assays.

Alpaca secondary antibodies:  anti-Mouse IgG (H+L), anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L), and anti-Human IgG (H+L).
  • Minimal cross-reactivity with bovine serum proteins (to avoid background from BSA blocking steps and cell culture components).
  • Cross-adsorbed against two of the following species - Human, Mouse and Rabbit
  • Conjugated options: HRP, AP, Biotin, DyLight™ 405, AMCA, Cy™ 2, Alexa Fluor® 488, Fluorescein (FITC), Cy™ 3, Rhodamine (TRITC), Alexa Fluor® 594, Rhodamine Red-X™,  Alexa Fluor® 647, Cy™ 5
  • Normal Alpaca Serum available for blocking±
    ○ 2 ml 028-000-001
    ○ 10ml 028-000-121
ConjugateFull sizeAlpaca Anti-Human IgG (H+L) (min X Bov, Ms, Rb Sr Prot)Alpaca Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) (min X Bov, Hu, Rb Sr Prot)Alpaca Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) (min X Bov, Hu, Ms Sr Prot)
Unconjugated1 mg609-005-213615-005-214611-005-215
Horseradish Peroxidase1 ml609-035-213615-035-214611-035-215
Alkaline Phosphatase1 ml609-055-213615-055-214611-055-215
Biotin-SP™1 ml609-065-213615-065-214611-065-215
DyLight™ 4051 mg609-475-213615-475-214611-475-215
AMCA1 mg609-155-213615-155-214611-155-215
Cy™ 21 mg609-225-213615-225-214611-225-215
Alexa Fluor® 4881 mg609-545-213615-545-214611-545-215
Fluorescein (FITC)1 mg609-095-213615-095-214611-095-215
Cy™ 31 mg609-165-213615-165-214611-165-215
Rhodamine (TRITC)1 mg609-025-213615-025-214611-025-215
Alexa Fluor® 5941 mg609-585-213615-585-214611-585-215
Rhodamine Red-X™1 mg609-295-213615-295-214611-295-215
Alexa Fluor® 6471 mg609-605-213615-605-214611-605-215
Cy™ 51 mg609-175-213615-175-214611-175-215

Mass Spec validated antibodies

enQuireBio is first company in the world to introduce Mass Spec antibody validation. Their Mass Spectrometry based antibody validation process allows them to quantitatively measure antibody specificity. The antibodies are made in large lots in bioreactors ensuring high reproducibility and low levels of contaminants.

KRT8 & KRT18 Monoclonal Antibody [C-43 + DC10]
Tested Applications: FC, IF, WB, IHC
KRT8 & KRT18 Monoclonal Antibody [C-51]
Tested Applications: FC, IF, WB, IHC
BAX Monoclonal Antibody [2D2]
Tested Applications: FC, IF, WB, IHC

Immunohistochemistry antibodies

Their Immunohistochemistry antibodies are the first products of their kind to receive Mass Spec validation. Each antibody is validated in at least one relevant tissue section and reviewed by independent clinical pathologists as well as by their own experienced team.

TP63 Polyclonal Antibody
Tested Applications: FC, IF, WB, IHC
TIMP1 Polyclonal Antibody
Tested Applications: FC, IF, IHC
MYOG Monoclonal Antibody [F5D]
Tested Applications: ELISA, FC, IF, WB, IP, IHC

Flow Cytometry antibodies

These the top published monoclonal antibodies are for widely used cell markers for the research market. These antibodies are carefully conjugated and purified to ensure bright, specific signals and are repeatedly tested to ensure excellent performance on any instrumentation.

ELISA - CLIA tested antibodies

Their ELISA/CLIA antibodies are tested in dozens of unique samples and compared to the leading diagnostic tests for important clinical targets. These reagents are suitable for research use or may be used as components for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits following additional regulatory testing and submittal by the purchaser.

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